When DUI Causes A Car Accident

Auto accident victims sustain physical injuries and financial losses when an accident happens. To recover their losses and to compensate them for their injuries, the victims have two options: They can file an insurance claim or start a legal claim. Reviewing details about auto accidents involving a DUI prepares the victims for the road ahead.

Chemical Testing and Arresting the Drunk Driver

Any driver suspected of a DUI must undergo chemical testing. If the driver has a blood-alcohol content reading of 0.08 percent, it is likely that the court will convict the driver of DUI. If the drunk driver caused an accident more severe penalties will apply to their conviction. If the victim dies, the drunk driver could face manslaughter or vehicular homicide charges.

Insurance Claims for Financial Losses

Insurance claims for financial losses provide the victim with funds to cover their medical expenses and auto repair requirements. If the drunk driver doesn’t have insurance, the victim or their family has two options for getting compensation. The accountable driver could pay restitution through their criminal conviction or after losing a civil case against them. Accident victims or families o accident victims can review their options by visiting this website now.

Restitution in Criminal Case

Restitution in a criminal case is required when the defendant causes expenses for the victim. For example, if the victim’s family suffered a serious financial loss or lost financial support when the victim died, the court can make the defendant pay restitution to replace the funds lost by the family.

Monetary Awards in Civil Cases

Monetary awards in civil cases cover financial losses incurred by the victim. The victim files the legal claim through the civil court to seek compensation for their losses. This includes medical costs, the cost to repair their vehicle, and replacing wages.

Auto accident victims seek compensation through an insurance claim or a lawsuit. When the driver was drunk, a criminal case could determine the outcome of a civil case. Drunk drivers who cause a fatality face more extensive charges, and families can file a wrongful death lawsuit. Victims who need help can contact an attorney right now.

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